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Amazon Kindle book downloads are broken

Amazon Kindle book downloads are broken

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

An ongoing outage is preventing Amazon Kindle users from downloading both new and previously purchased books to their e-readers. According to moderators responding to users reporting the issue on Amazon’s support forums, the company is aware of the issue and is “currently working to resolve it.” Attempting other troubleshooting steps, like resetting the device, has not fixed the problems, so users may need to wait this one out for now.

Good e-Reader reported the problem on Wednesday, noting a response from Amazon support saying it’s the result of “server issues” and that “it would be at least 48 hours before ebooks started downloading again, but it could be longer.”

The Verge has contacted Amazon for details, and we will update this post if we find out any additional details.

Users on Reddit are sharing similar issues with their Kindles, and on Amazon’s support forums, there are several reports that Kindles are only able to download the title and cover art of books before the progress indicator gets stuck at 1 percent. The outage also seems to be affecting books users are trying to download from Overdrive to their Kindle devices using Libby. However, downloading books to the iOS and Android Amazon Kindle apps is not affected.

This latest issue comes a week after several Kindle users on Reddit reported a problem with Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” feature, which allows ebooks and documents to be sideloaded onto the e-readers without having to plug them into a computer. Some users received error messages telling them their files “could not be delivered due to a service error,” while other users in the thread were still seeing problems with the service earlier this week.

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