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Apple already considers the first HomePod ‘vintage’

Apple already considers the first HomePod ‘vintage’

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Apple says the iPhone X, first-generation AirPods, and first-generation HomePod are now considered “vintage,” as reported by MacRumors. So, if you own a first-generation HomePod — or multiple, like the person I sold my HomePod to in 2022 — it might sting to hear that Apple already considers the six-year-old speaker “vintage.”

Apple’s vintage label technically refers to products that it stopped distributing between more than five and less than seven years ago, and fortunately, you can still get service for vintage products from Apple and authorized repair shops. But Apple seems to be moving the original HomePod on a faster track, given that it only discontinued the product three years ago. Apple didn’t immediately reply to a request for…

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