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TP-Link’s first Wi-Fi 7 gaming router costs $600

TP-Link’s first Wi-Fi 7 gaming router costs $600

Originally announced in late 2022, TP-Link’s Wi-Fi 7 Archer GE800 gaming router is now available. | Image: TP-Link

The TP-Link Archer GE800 Wi-Fi 7 tri-band gaming router was first announced in late 2022 before making appearances at CES 2023 and CES 2024, alongside a bunch of Wi-Fi 7 laptops. It’s finally available starting today for $599.99, although those excited to upgrade immediately can save $100 as part of a “limited-time launch promotion.”

Designed to take full advantage of the broader 6GHz wireless spectrum that Wi-Fi 6E first had access to, Wi-Fi 7 further increases speeds by doubling the maximum channel bandwidth from 160MHz to 320MHz, allowing more data to be transmitted.

The Wi-Fi 7 spec also allows connections to span multiple bands with a feature called Multi-Link Operation (MLO). For example, a file can be downloaded on the 6Ghz band at 1Gbps and on the 5GHz band at 500Mbps, resulting in combined download speeds of 1.5Gbps. TP-Link boasts the new tri-band Archer GE800 can achieve wireless speeds up to 19Gbps by spreading data across the 6, 5, and 2.4GHz bands simultaneously.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need a Wi-Fi 7-compatible device like the Google Pixel 8, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, or recently announced laptops like the Razer Blade 16 or Lenovo Legion 7i to take full advantage of those speeds. None of the current crop of gaming consoles support Wi-Fi 7.

The Archer GE800 also features a pair of 10Gbps ethernet ports and four 2.5Gbps ports, with one serving as a dedicated gaming port that prioritizes network traffic from a connected console, although the Xbox Series X / S and PS5 only include gigabit ports. And because every piece of gaming hardware needs to put on an elaborate light show, the GE800 features multicolor lighting that can be controlled from a desktop app panel that also provides insights on router performance and the status of the network.

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